RE/MAX American Dream

"Adam and I have been working together for years and it is always a pleasure to talk shop and do business together. He has great insight into the local markets and their relation to the national trends in the industry so he can provide exceptional information to each client and help them make the best decision for their given situation. A thorough understanding of construction along with selling hundreds of homes makes Adam a fantastic resource when you need help buying or selling a home, farm, or investment."

"Thanks Adam for your great service. You were very informative and thorough on your inspection of new home. Your inspection helped to confirm our decision to purchase the home in Woodbridge VA. Bryant and Allison"

Bryant & Allison

April 2015

"I am a Realtor who is licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC. As a result, I have been referring my Virginia clients to Adam for more than fifteen (15) yrs. My client's love his calming charismatic nature. Most importantly they love that he is knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. Having Adam as my referral/goto agent has made my business complete. "

Leslie DeFour

Tristar Realty


February 2015

"I can't imagine a more expert, engaging, and thorough home inspector. "